Cox & Grusenmeyer

Aalst, 19.06.2011


Each year Werkplaats Typografie organises its own Best Book selection. Every participant chooses a book that is important for him in that year. The project is supervised by a guest tutor. This year artist Joelle Tuerlinckx directed a series of acts in which the participants became their most signicant book. Beginning in the Werkplaats Typografie library, the ensemble relocated to Netwerk Aalst in Belgium, gradually utilising costume, props, light and sound to create a theatre of the best books. Despite being amateur thespians, the theatre was a serious attempt to assume a character based on the interpretation of a book. Perhaps one can be lead to a new reading of each signicant book, an experience that is both insightful and bewildering.

Take care,
Cox & Grusenmeyer

P.S.: Acting, editing and design together with: Boris Van den Eynden, Gregory Darpa, Stefano Faoro, Laure Giletti, Ine Meganck, Corina Neuenschwander, Mark Simmonds, Noah Venezia, Manuel Zenner. Accuracy by Roland Früh.