Cox & Grusenmeyer

Arnhem, 15.04.2010

Dear visitor,

During a workshop at Werkplaats Typografie we investigated, together with Experimental Jetset, how you can turn your favourite book into a map. All the maps, representing the most significant books of the students, were collected into a newspaper.

We came up with a navigation system as a tool to discover the book ‘For The Blind Man In The Dark Room Looking For The Black Cat That Isn’t There’. Forcing a machine (here a navigation system) to undertake a human activity (such as reading a book) naturally provokes imperfection. With the help of this distorted guidelines the user can learn about the experience of not-knowing and the playfulness of being in the dark…

See you at the end of the road!
Cox & Grusenmeyer

P.S.: As Walter Benjamin said: ‘The only way to be fully present is to be lost.’