Cox & Grusenmeyer

Urbino, 20.08.2009

Dear visitor,

Talking About Urbino is a project we did at the Summerschool of Isia Urbino/Werkplaats Typografie. During one week we had an ongoing conversation about Urbino. We gave each other inputs and reacted on them. We chattered about topics such as Urbino as an ideal city, the italian nostalgia, the pope, italian sexuality, etc. Every two days we dropped our conversation on a big poster.

Recurring topics became the title for our posters which we later on translated in a visual movie sequence; Urbino as the perfect city & The confusion of tongues, Italian nostalgia & A cure for Ines, Italian Sexuality & Vatican euphemism. During the second week we dropped these conversations in a stop-motion image-sequence where we played with visual associations.

Cox & Grusenmeyer


Image Sequence: