Cox & Grusenmeyer

Ghent, 03.03.2011

Dear Visitor,

On the 3d of March the Cox & Grusenmeyer University was held at Sint-Lucas Ghent. A participatory performance on the theme of ‘collaborations’ held for the students of the experimental studio.

Set up as a workshop, lecture and class, students of the Cox & Grusenmeyer University were trained in the fundamentals of the Cox & Grusenmeyer collaboration. Guided by a theoretical textbook and a blackboard presentation students where both practically and theoretically examined.

Led by two active professors, this performance is a complete design in which both the enscenation as the character, attributes and gestures are designed in the format of a university.

All the best,
Cox & Grusenmeyer

P.S. (H + A) x 2 = HAHA