Cox & Grusenmeyer

Ghent, 26.04.2012

Dear visitor,

We are Cox & Grusenmeyer, an Antwerp based duo – Ines Cox and Lauren Grusenmeyer – operating in the field of graphic design. Having started our collaboration while finishing our studies at Sint-Lucas Ghent, we continued working together while Cox completed her master at the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem and Grusenmeyer at The Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Being a duo, operating together and against each other, we use our collaboration as a tool for dialogue and confrontation and as a platform to share ideas.

Through humor, performative actions, a pinch of grotesque and a belief in the personal we establish a tweaked universe where our objects and interests relate to the field of graphic design. By rethinking existing frameworks and constructing alternative orders the design of the environment becomes part of our work. Touching upon topics from monstrous dramas to everyday banalities our work involves a scope where the staging of a situation with sound, costumes, graphic identities, language and characters is subjected to our design.

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and all the best.

Ines & Lauren